A foot in Normandy, a foot in Brittany and only just across the Channel. Simply the best of both worlds!

Vendors' Information

Thank you for your enquiry about marketing your property through Delamarche Immobilier.

In addition we have strong links with other agencies the UK, as well as a number in busy of websites, and we are busy with customers predominantly from the UK, Holland and France. 

We would be delighted to market your property for you. There is no charge to you for this service as the purchaser usually pays the agent's fees.

The only fees paid by the vendor are for the equivalent of the house buyer's report .... "les diagnostiques" for asbestos, lead, energy efficiency, gaz, electricity, and depending on the area, termites.

If there are any land registry fees to be paid because you are dividing your land then usually these are usually paid 50/50 with the purchaser, but obviously this sort of detail depends on the circumstances.

If you are selling a house then before completion it is courteous to empty your septic tank (if you have one) and have your chimney swept and provide us with the documentation to provide this to add to the sales papers.

ENGLISH SPEAKERS: If you would like to put your property for sale with us please download the questionnaire. This also gives details of the paperwork that we will need. 

FRENCH SPEAKERS: Telecharger la version francaise du questionnaire

The questionnaire may look a bit daunting but the information you give us will help us to prepare the mandate and the property details and will also give us everything to follow through should we get a sale.

We aim to prepare properties for sale to the highest standards - in the long run this is what the client, the purchase, is looking for and also when we get to a sale all the hard work has already been done.